This is a list of resources which I find useful.

Websites for learning: From an observant perspective 

Chabad              Aish

Naaleh            Web Yeshiva

Live Shabbat services and some services through the week.  Use of the internet is forbidden on Shabbat within the more observant communities so their Shabbat services are not streamed live.

Reform Shabbat services

Probably my favorite Reform service comes from Central Synagogue in NY.  I love their music.

Conservative shul live streaming

The humanistic Jewish communities that stream live Shabbat services.   The Society of Humanistic Judaism also has a large collection of learning videos from their perspective.  Videos of SHJ

Kabbalah A Chasidic website.  It gives wonderful insight into the weekly Torah parashas.

Chabad and Aish have a Kabbalah section on their websites.


Kosher foods  They will ship food to you, even meats…all for a price of course.

Learning Hebrew Prayers I use the Tefila Trax audio and “My Siddur” book to practice Hebrew prayers.  This and other liturgy practice tools are available for free on the Chabad website here  It costs money but you can also download the app to your phone and listen to it in the vehicle.  It has a section for “Jewish prayers” as well as Modern Hebrew.

Siddur audio is for following along in the Conservative Siddur Sim Shalom.

I will add more as I think of them or if others recommend them.