Nature deficiency disorder

At my previous dwelling, I lived in a very small town of about 2000 people…out in the country, away from traffic. I lived on a country road that received minimum traffic. A cattle pasture was on one side, woods behind the house where I enjoyed a quiet sit spot and a large field and woods in front of the house. It was quiet much of the time and the only sound on summer nights was crickets and frogs singing. I often enjoyed getting up before dawn to walk barefoot on the grass while I waited to greet the sunrise. I spent my evenings watching the abundance of birds at feeders and saying farewell to the sun as I watched it set. In the autumn, it often produced an awe-inspiring glow of various hues of gold, red, and blue.

Now, I dwell in a small apartment with a view of buildings from the front and a parking lot at the back. At first, the noise was almost unbearable and the only quietness I experienced was through the modern technology of noise canceling headphones. At night, all I hear is the thump of music from cars and people talking. I think wildlife is totally void in this place. I can no longer walk on grass barefoot nor witness the sun rising or setting as it is obscured by buildings. I can no longer experience petrichor or the smell of humus…that earthy smell of decomposing leaves I often smelled when I sat in the woods. It seemed to have a natural relaxing effect on me. The place I live now is a nature lover’s worse nightmare.

After two weeks here, I am beginning to experience NDD–nature deficiency disorder. So, the next step is to look around for some woods or weeds even, that I can scurry off into so I can experience some of these things again…even if I have to drive to get to that quiet place again…where I can once again smell the humus.